January #Goals: More massages in my future.

I can't believe we're in the second week of January.  Winter has finally stopped by to say hello after having the longest Indian summer I can remember. After finishing an incredible year of work and traveling two new countries, Japan and China, I look for new ways to prepare for another successful year. If I look back to my favorites moments, I've found that most of my accomplishments have come from when I am in a healthy place, mentally and physically.  I truly believe that creative success goes hand in hand with your body and mind. 

Just moving to Long Island City, I was looking for a place to relax and get serenity, for even an hour out of my day.  I came across Earth & Sky Healing Arts and booked a Holistic Massage with the very kind Ihotu Ali. The day of my massage, I entered the quaint studio and immediately felt a calming atmosphere.  My session began and I received integrative treatment through deep tissue massage and aromatherapy.  I chose the flower essences of Lavender and Grapefruit.  This mix was the perfect balance of citrus and floral to start my massage.  Ihotu made me feel nothing short of comfortable or important.  She made sure to customize my experience to it's fullest potential.

I left my appointment feeling relaxed, calm, and centered. My session lasted for 60 minutes which was the perfect amount of time, taken from my busy day to find a moment of peace.  I encourage and challenge you to at least find 30-60 minutes of time devoted to something that focuses on you.  It's extremely important for me to start my work with a fresh mind and positive attitude.

You can book your appointment and see what other services EARTH & SKY HEALING offer here.