Behind the Scenes in Collaboration with method

The word "creator" literally means a person that brings something into existence. Anyone that's created realizes that their is a process to be taken, but sometimes that can be limiting. We all reach road blocks but no matter what you always find a direction out. The past few weeks I've been on my computer editing in between shoots. So I wanted to try stepping out of my comfort zone and try something focused in beauty.  Being a fashion photographer, my job is to make clothing appealing and presentable for a designer to sell their products but wanted to get down and dirty with the creative process.  I've teamed up with method home to show creators that it's time that we #fearnomess and that creativity comes with no limits. 

Last week, I put together a #test shoot in my home studio to experiment with different lighting techniques and makeup.  


Using a model, I arranged the set using a my strobe light and 3 foot softbox. With a makeup artist, we collaborated on creating the shoot, "Gold Dust".

What I used:

  • 3" soft box
  • C stand
  • B1 light
  • Gold paint
  • method's 4x  Free + Clear detergent
Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 7.40.42 AM.png

No matter what, after wrapping a shoot, everything from my apartment to my clothes get super messy.  Being a minimalist, I love having the brightest whites possible. Post shoot, I threw everything in my washer and literally made it brand new with method's 4x detergent.

I used the Free + Clear scent which makes me feel just that. The best part about method is that they use recycled plastic to reduce the footprint of their products and incentivize recycling.


A huge thanks to method for making this shoot possible.